Destination Wedding Photographer for Intimate & Emotional Wedding or Elopement


Stories of the emotive connections between people in love created by Alessio Camiolo


My name is Alessio Camiolo and this is my philosophy of life:

At your wedding
I will be focused on everything that happens
and I will dedicate all of myself to your day.


Dana & Hardy | from Sweden
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"Our story: our original vision was to make a sunset photo-shooting on our sicilian honeymoon. We liked Alessio's work the most from that what we found on internet so we contacted him. We needed to reorganize our plans and schedulewith Alessio due to our flight's last minute cancellation.

His approach: Alessio is genuinely a very friendly and open person, it is very easy to connect to him. 

He likes to improvise and he rather gave minimalamount of advices to us and didn't instruct us precisely, he just let us to feel the flow of the session. It made us feel comfortable working with him throughout the whole session.

The result: We are very satisfied with the result. His style is very close to that what we like, we adore this exact kind of naturalistic and free approach. He also has a talent in capturing atmospheric moments." F&S

Alessio Camiolo Photography - Established in 2016 | Over 120 Weddings

Wedding Photographer base in Sicily/Italy. I travel to document your small wedding or your Intimate Elopement. I am what you would call a Destination Wedding and Documentary Wedding Photographer. I am simply here to take genuine photographs of your Wedding.

I am an Emotional Photographer for non-traditional and shy couples, who simply want to enjoy their day, I can express my work with two simply words: “Elegant Storytelling” in a classical style.
I am a Wedding supplier but not only. I love Small and Intimate Weddings and Elopements. I combine your desire for travel and the intimate, quiet moments, to propose a unique and genuine experience.

To define my work I can also refer to three values that are close to my heart and that together form a beautiful sentence:


In a few words: Candid, Journalistic Approach, Intimate, Sentimental, Warm, Spontaneous, Poetic, Expressive, Chronicler, Humanist and Discreet.
I want to capture small, intimate, authentic, and genuine wedding moments. Simple gestures, full range of emotions, the real you. I embrace love stories and narrative photography. Through candid and unposed images.

Since January 2016, I document your Intimate Wedding, your Elopement, Welcome Dinner, Micro-wedding, Love Session or Adventurous Elopement, Proposal, Big Wedding, Save The Date session, Engagement and I have seen a lot of love stories, full of joy and emotions.
It has a lot of different names but only the story matters.

I am moved by telling the story of your day in the most natural and genuine way possible. No need to spend many hours behind the church or near the Venue with me to take the couple photographs, I will always value letting you spend time with family and friends.

Most of my couples define themselves as shy in front of the camera, I believe simply they don’t know how easy it is to spend a few simple moments with their partner in front of my camera. I will follow you from getting ready to the dance floor in the most natural way possible to deliver a poetic and unique vision of the most important day of your life. I believe I can help you with my experience and advice for a perfect wedding day.

I won't just be the guy taking pictures. I will be a support for you. Both on the organisational side on the wedding day and on the emotional side. Maybe I will cry with you when I see that you are happy. All my couples also receive a special service before the wedding/elopement day.
As far as you have chosen to work with me for your Wedding, your modern and romantic Elopement, your dreamy Couple Session, you will have access to very personal service, also you have access to all photographs, a private and secured gallery, and print options, or beautiful albums and products delivery.
I am always honored to be considered to document your intimate romantic wedding, as boho, or rural, in a private garden, a mountain peak, in the desert, during Sunrise or Sunset, or even to create your home story.
I am always ready to follow you.

Let‘s have a Simple but Deep Connection
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