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Italian wedding photographer based in Sicily (Italy). I cover small and Intimate weddings in Italy, and travel all over Europe to cover your Wedding or Elopement in the most natural and journalistic way possible.

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Villa Fegotto Wedding Photographer, 

Thank you so much for your visit to my website. If you are looking for a wedding photographer with an alternative approach in a journalistic way, fine art and storytelling, you are definitely on the page you were looking for.

I am an Italian destination wedding photographer and love to travel all around the world. 
I am so passionate about this place that I want to have more opportunities to show what I am able to do for your day.

It will be my great pleasure to have a minute of your attention to have a look at my work, have a look at my previous weddings abroad. 
I am based in Sicily and it is always a pleasure to go to Villa Fegotto, and be able to do my passion and have a wonderful time with creative people. 

If you wish to join me, it will be my pleasure to hear from you. May I ask you to send me a message and I will answer you right away (usually within 24 hours) and see if there is a potential way to work for the most important day of your life.

If you want to visit my stories, know more about me, or simply contact me.

Thank you so much and Welcome.

I cover

Couple Sessions - Weddings - Elopements - Portraitures - Engagements and Proposals




I won't just be the guy taking pictures. I will be a support for you. Both on the organisational side on the wedding day and on the emotional side. Maybe I will cry with you when I see that you are happy.


I want to document Real Stories on the most natural, relaxed and journalistic way possible.



SINCE 2016



Villa Fegotto
Wedding and Elopement Photography Service.

Are you searching for a Wedding or Event photographer in Villa Fegotto?

I have been covering over 120 Weddings since 2016, I can say that I am full of advice and help for your big day.

My couples are similar and so different at the same time. I would say that they have certain similar characteristics, they prefer to spend time with their families and friends rather than spending an hour taking the couple photos, they are usually shy, they don’t feel at ease to be the center of the attention, they have a certain knowledge about art, sometimes photography and painting.

Do you want to have an intimate wedding in Villa Fegotto that reflects your journey as a couple, your passions, and your spirit of adventure?  
This is elopement photography for couples who want to ignore tradition and get married in a way that feels authentic to them. As a photographer, my purpose is to discreetly capture the story of your day in an honest and heartfelt way, without posing or intruding. I will record every aspect, from the raw emotions and poignant moments as they unfold, to the details you won’t want to forget.

I care deeply about creating meaningful connections with every couple who invites me to be a part of their journey. My approach is to innovate, not to conform to conventions. Your elopement experience should be as personal, genuine, and unique as you are.

Emotional Photographer documenting emotional Weddings.

Since 2016, I document your intimate wedding, your Minimony, Sequel Wedding, Micro wedding or Adventurous Elopement, proposal, and engagement and I have seen a lot of love stories, full of joy and emotions. It has a lot of different names but only the story matters. I am moved by telling the story of your day in the most natural and genuine way possible. No need to spend one hour behind the church with me to take the couple photographs, I will always value letting you spend time with family and friends. This is your day, not mine.

Most of my couples define themselves as shy in front of the camera, I believe simply they don’t know how easy it is to spend a few simple moments with their partner in front of my camera. I will follow you from getting ready to the dance floor in the most natural way possible. To deliver a poetic and unique vision of the most important day of your life.

Specialised in Wedding and Elopement Coverage since 2016.

My Philosophy in Few Words :

Real Stories - Intimate - Journalistic - Real Stories - Poetic - Cinematic - Discreet - Non Traditional - Simplicity.

Photography Service for all kind of Intimate Weddings and Elopements

Barn Wedding - Church Wedding - Religious Wedding - Hacienda Wedding - Finca Wedding - Lake Wedding - Rooftop Wedding - Rainy Wedding - Sunset Wedding - Winter Wedding - Backyard Wedding - Beach Wedding - Forest Wedding - Island Wedding -Outdoor Wedding - Ranch Wedding - Mexican Wedding - Vineyard Wedding - Circus Wedding - Indian Wedding - Chinese Wedding - Asian Wedding - Japanese Wedding - Punjabi Wedding - Korean Wedding - Same-Sex Wedding - Vietnamese Wedding - Greek Wedding - Lebanese Wedding - Scottish Wedding - British Wedding - Urban Wedding - Country Side Wedding - Jewish Wedding - Orthodox Wedding - New Orleans Wedding - Russian Wedding - Moroccan Wedding - Interfaith Wedding - Civil Wedding - African Wedding.

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